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Alt EMOM x 4 (50:10) Double KB Front Rack Wall Sit Double KB Deadlifts Double Under Practice REST 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 OHS Establish working load then 1 complex E2:30min x 5 For Time: 1km Run 80 Wall Balls (20/14lb, 10/9′ Target) 50 Hand Release Push-Ups 30 KB […]

Workout of the Day Wednesday 20.03.19

Sugar Donut
Do you crave a sweet treat after every meal or at the same time every day? Sugar cravings are common and can often be explained by simple things, like the side effects from certain foods in your diet or a bad habit that has reprogrammed your brain. But some sugar […]

The Science of Sugar Cravings

In the early 1990s dietary fat was considered a “villain” and carbohydrates were the “heroine”. The thinking at that time was that by lowering fat in the diet you could decrease the risk of heart disease. Many began to believe that eating fat, made you fat. As a result the […]

What are Fats?