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Having a pre or post workout snack doesn’t have to negate everything you’ve burned off during the course of your training session. In fact, having the right mix of fuels in your body allows you reap the best results from your workout. A pre-workout snack can give you the energy […]

What to Eat Before or After a Workout

So you have found yourself with travel and holiday plans, but you also have a desire to stay as close to your Zone profile as possible (so you continue to look and feel great when you’re away)…. What can you do to survive (and not look like a freak to your […]

3 Top Tips for Staying in the Zone when on ...

Protein is no longer the nutrient geared solely for body builders and gym buffs. While it plays a role in building and preserving muscle mass, its benefits are more vast, ranging from weight loss and maintenance, to improved mood. It’s quite common to see commercials touting products and how many […]

What is Protein?