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Protein is no longer the nutrient geared solely for body builders and gym buffs. While it plays a role in building and preserving muscle mass, its benefits are more vast, ranging from weight loss and maintenance, to improved mood. It’s quite common to see commercials touting products and how many […]

What is Protein?

You’ve just Googled ‘CrossFit’, you have found us, and now you’re checking out the website. You have almost decided to give it a go.. You’ve only one step left, and that is giving us a call and getting started. But you stop.. I already know you have a dozen reasons […]

Change your life in 24 hours

I cant do that yet
The timer beeps, signalling the end of your workout. You normally feel pretty exhilarated after it’s over, but this was one of those workouts. One where there wasn’t a single movement you could come close to performing. The rest of the athletes had hung from the rig, doing variations of […]

When you feel like you can’t do things well enough