Workout of the Day

Back Squat Establish working load then 4 reps E2:30 x 7 Partner AMRAP 18min, 2 Rounds for total reps of: 2min Max Wall Ball (20/14lb, 10/9′ Target) 2min Max Pull-Ups 2min Max OH Plate Lunge (20/15kg) 2min Seated Russian Twist (20/15kg) 2min REST

Workout of the Day Wednesday 20.02.19

Handstand 10min to work on progressions then Alt EMOM x 3 1. Handstand Shoulder Tap or Toe-Tap 2. Hollow to Superman Roll 3. REST 3 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk Establish working load then 1 complex E2:30 x 5 AMRAP 13min 200m Run 15 Deadlift (1x BW) 5 Strict […]

Workout of the Day Tuesday 19.02.19

Floor Press Establish working load then 7 reps E2:30 x 7 superset with: Double KB Bent Over Row For Time (Time Cap 12min) 30 Squat Cleans (50/35kg) 30 Toes-to-Bar 30 Shoulder-to-Overhead (50/35kg) 30 Lateral Burpee-Over-Barbell

Workout of the Day Monday 18.02.19