“My first experience within the CrossFit family and I love it!!”DRE

“My goals coming into CFE was to build strength, and to be a stronger runner and cyclist (cardio and muscular wise). I was with a regular gym for 6 months and tried other facilities for a couple of sessions but before that I was doing mainly cardio (running and cycling) by myself.
In the 3 years before joining CFE, I’ve managed to lose somewhere between 50-55kg, it took almost 9 months, by myself.
Since joining CFE, I’ve gained 8kg mostly muscle and lost approximately 5% body fat, I’ve run half marathons, full marathons, 4 C2S’s and cycle 100’s of kms a day. I’ve gone from almost 50% body fat to 12.3(current)!
I’ve completed cert 3&4 as a PT as I wanted to know how I managed to lose the weight but also able to give correct advice when people ask, I also did it for my own confidence as years ago I would have been the last person and that’s a huge ego boost for me.
Since joining CFE in November 2015, i’ve added many KG’s to most of my lifts and that’s one of the most amazing feelings. I love the feeling of one day smashing a great WOD, then the next day the WOD smashes you.
The coaches and all the members are always supportive and friendly. The coaches always push you to do your best in a safe and nurturing way. So many classes to Choose from daily. My first experience within the crossfit family and I love it!!”

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