Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

I’ve heard the workouts are really hard?

They are designed to be challenging, yes, but not impossible. Should you not be able to complete all the movements or loads in the workout as prescribed we can scale where necessary.

Do I need to be fit before start CrossFit?

No way. CrossFit will make you fitter, stronger, faster just through your own dedication and commitment. See our members success stories here.

How does a class flow?

Each session has a complete structure and is broken down into the following components:
1. Warm-up | This is where we prepare you for the session with a full warm up and general movement assessment.
2. Mobility & Movement Preparation | Here we work on particular movement requirements for the day.
3. Strength & Conditioning | Our Workout of the Day.
4. Warm Down & Stretch | Here we work on whole body mobility and system recovery.

What should I wear to training?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. Shorts, singlets, 3/4 pants, tights. Honestly wear whatever you want. We have available training shirts that look great when you’re covered in sweat. There are no rules on what you wear, or how you wear it.

I’ve been to a gym before, but I noticed you don’t have any machines?

We have barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, skip ropes, plyometric boxes, sleds, carries, atlas stones, tyres, medicine balls, rowers & air dynes. These items alone offer far more athletic opportunity than the isolated movements you get from most fitness machines in a traditional gym.

Why is there a timer in the gym for each WOD?

CrossFit is about measurable, repeatable efforts. There are many ways to measure effort, and quite simply, measuring over time is one of the easiest ways to see your improvements.

How do I know if I’m getting better?

You’ll know it. Movements will feel easier, your body composition will change. Also, as part of your membership you receive complimentary access to an online training diary where you can log your results each day and track your progress.

What’s the catch? Why does it sound so simple?

It is simple. There is no catch, no tricks, no gimmicks. We promise if you provide the commitment and show up the results will come to you.

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