I reached out to CrossFit Eora after much hassling by my son Ben, who keeps fit and healthy himself with CrossFit.

I have to admit though, not knowing a whole lot, but hearing that it was hard, I wasn’t quite sure it would be for me.

After meeting Matty and his team, it became evident that he understood where I was in my life, and what ailments I was carrying (life gets you down sometimes), and he mentioned that they had a program specifically designed for men and women of ‘Masters ‘ age (as he calls it, I’m a little more simple in my descript.

Starting the Health program, which asked only of a 3 day a week commitment, I was able to start at MY LEVEL, and comfortably work with guidance, expertise but also the motivation of others being along this ride with me. You see, there are a whole bunch of other men and women that are doing this journey as well, all at their pace, and gosh it’s great to be a part of.

Having just racked up my 12 months with CrossFit Eora, I am down over 25kg of bodyfat, I’ve lost 100cm off my waist and am probably the most confident I have ever been in my adult life. Did i mention I am also a grandad, who works full time also!!!

I have to say that anything is possible with the right support, and I know I found mine with Matty, Jess and the team.

You won’t be disappointed for giving it a go, it’s hard, and often you’ll question if the juice is worth the squeeze, but let me tell you, it is!!.