“I feel stronger and more energetic”


“Over the course of year, when dropping my son at kindergarten, I watched the transformation of another mum in the playground before my eyes. Having contemplated countless times the need to get myself in to shape, I had to muster up the courage and ask her how she did it. So I did, and she suggested she show me for myself.

Well that was my introduction to CrossFit Eora and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve achieved. I had tried countless other gyms and exercise routines but was really impressed with how CrossFit was more about competing with yourself and also by the camaraderie in the box.

I feel stronger and more energetic and even had the confidence to try my hand at surfing, all because of my training with CrossFit Eora. This may not be much for some people but after three kids my fitness was at an all time low and I really didn’t know when I would get back on track.

Matty and his coaches have been key to the progress I have made, let’s just say the approach is one of “tough love” and “careful respect” under his careful guidance I’ve pushed myself whilst being mindful of technique and not being injured.

I can’t recommend CrossFit Eora enough. It really is for anybody, young or old, male or female.