“It’s changed my whole life”Success Story Tanya

“About a year ago I was 25kgs heavier. I don’t really know how I got to that point because I was exercising at least 3 to 4 days a week, but I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I had tried out a bunch of gyms, each focusing on different types of fitness training, but I wasn’t getting the results I was after and I wasn’t enjoying the training.  I had done CrossFit in the past and really enjoyed it and decided to give it another go, so I found CrossFit Eora in the Maroubra area.

When I first phoned and spoke to them called it was a really positive experience. Matty was really nice as well as genuine, I could tell he was a straight shooter. He wasn’t pushy either; I wasn’t just a sale to him. He answered all my questions and was really forthcoming with information about the gym; this wasn’t the case with the other gyms I had contacted.

I went in for a trial and I loved it. It was everything I wanted in a gym.

More personal, the training was better suited to me and the people were all really nice.

My goals were simple, I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness, and in 12 months that’s exactly what I’ve done. It’s changed my whole life. I’ve lost 25kg, I’m happier, I eat better, I sleep better, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, I’m more active in all aspects of my life and I’m more productive at work too.

It wasn’t just the exercise that they helped me with but also my diet. The whole team was really encouraging and supportive through the whole process, pushing me to reach my fitness potential and congratulating me in my results.

I love CrossFit Eora. It’s not just a place where I go to work out; it’s a place where I meet up with friends, a place that I look forward to going to, where I’m part of a community with like-minded people.

I would recommend CrossFit Eora to anyone wanting to make a change in their health and fitness, come in and say hello to us all.”