Group Training

Our CrossFit group program is the core of our gym, and yes this curriculum is for everybody.

We pride ourselves on being a fully scalable program. From professional athletes to sedentary men and women just looking to lose weight, our program can have a life changing impact.

We believe if you have a body, you can do this. All you’ve got to do is show up.

What is GPP?

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) which in our case is CrossFit is designed to build the most broad, general, inclusive fitness possible. It defines fitness as being what you’re capable of.


It’s too damn effective to ignore. It’s our view that we ought to be as flexible as we are strong, and as fast as we are agile. Life is a mixed bag of events, and we believe this is the single best training strategy to prepare for life.


Chances are you may have been mislead this far as to what health and fitness looks like. Believe it or not that our students have changed their minds more than they’ve changed their bodies. Living a life of fitness can be fun, effective, and sustainable.

To succeed we utilise functional movements, think squat, push, pull, jump, run, press, and throw. You’ll learn the basic of gymnastics, running, jumping & weightlifting.

We cover our bases by practicing training that’s constantly varied. Our program is light, it’s heavy, long, short, and there are intervals. Whether life presents a sprint or a marathon, you’ll be prepared.

We believe in a skill-based approach. If we each can understand skill, we can understand the possibility of increased efficiency. It’s not about just doing more work than the next person, it’s about doing it better and easier.


We have classes all throughout the week. Given that our three pillars are learn, move, and live, we honour the “live” component by supporting our community in an effort to train sustainably. Our coaches see to it that you train only as much as you are able to recover from.

After all, this is about a lifestyle of health and fitness for LIFE.