My journey started with CrossFit Eora in late September, 2017 but only lasted a short two weeks before playing I started a game of Hide & Seek with us for twelve months! As passionate and committed coaches are at CrossFit Eora, they didn’t give up on me. I will say I surprised them when I showed back up in September ready to go.

To be completely honest, I was sick and tired of being unfit, having low stamina, feeling sluggish, constantly tired, not making time for myself, and fed up with my wife calling me fat.

It was time for a lifestyle change.

What I discovered was I had a fear of commitment to myself, but in order for this to work something had be to changed. I signed up to the Personal Training program starting with 2 days p/week, for a three-month block to start.

I did this because it best fit my schedule and allowed me a little more flexibility around my work and family.

Now 5 months on I’m doing 3 PT sessions a week, jumping into a group class when I can, I have a nutrition plan in place, rarely missing a training session and only playing Hide and Seek with my two little boys at home in my family time.

Thanks to Matty, Jess and the rest of the Eora family for everything. My commitment has come from not wanting to let myself, you guys or my family down. Thank you for helping me get to where I am now.